Hi, I'm Shreya! I am a junior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science.

I am interested in the intersection of technology and education, especially special education. I enjoy thinking of ways to create accessible technology that meets the needs of users!

Last summer, I was an Engineering Practicum Intern at Google and I will be returning as a SWE intern this summer!

Aside from taking classes, I love teaching and working with students! Currently, I am a teaching assistant for Berkeley’s Data Structures course, CS 61B! In the past, I was a TA for CS 61A, the structure and interpretation of programs.

When I'm not too busy, I love practicing brush calligraphy and trying out new recipes -- here's my food instagram. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this — feel free to reach out via email or Linkedin!

Email: shreyasahoo@berkeley.edu